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Have You Seen These Landscaping Pictures?

This website has well over 4000 landscaping photos that you can use to get tons of great landscaping ideas for your next project.

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We have searched the web for free woodworking plans and placed links here for your convenience. Hope you find what your looking for and thanks for stopping by. 

Free birdhouse plans

Simple bird feeder

Traditional birdhouse Simple and very inexpensive to build. Great project for the kids.

Tree Swallow and eastern Bluebird house

Bluebird nest box This bluebird nesting box is a great way to get started making birdhouses. You do not need to miter any edges and the entire project can be completed using one 6 foot length of of 1" x 6" lumber. Since only simple materials and tools are required, this birdhouse is also a wonderful project for Scouts, youth groups, and beginning woodworking classes.

Build a Chickadee Birdhouse 

Bird house plan Use our birdhouse plan to make a simple bird house from scraps of 1/2" and 1/4" wood; our example uses inexpensive plywood. This is a nice gift for nature lovers, gardeners, or for someone special on Father's Day!

woodworking plans birdhouse This birdhouse project plan is available for you online

Side-opening Mountain Bluebird Nest Box Plans

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