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Band Saw Table FAQ

Will the table fit my band saw without modifications?

This table fits most saws. To check to see if it fits your saw, measure the distance between the blade and the upright. If this distance is at least 10.5 inches, then the table will fit. The table includes a miter bar for a 3/4 inch wide by 3/8 inch deep miter slot on the existing table. Front to back dimension of your saw's table surface can be no more that 15-1/2''.

How does table attach? Mounting Instructions

What if my band saw's miter slot is a different dimension or my existing table surface is larger?

If your miter slot is not 3/4 inch wide by 3/8 inch deep, you will need to make or find a piece of material the same size as your miter slot and affix it to the underside of the Rockler Table. This could be made out of wood, milled from metal, or you could even use the bar off an existing miter gauge that works with your miter slot. You will also need to install two 5/16 inch x 18 TPI inserts to attach the hold down clamps if you are not able to use the miter bar supplied. If your table surface is larger than the end screws in the supplied miter bar will allow for then the supplied miter bar can still be used as a centering guide if you have a 3/4'' wide x 3/8'' deep slot. Inserts can then be added farther out on the underside of the Rockler table.

Recommended inserts for either of these types of modifications are #68379 5/16 inch x 18 TPI Screw-on Teenuts.


How do you change the band saw blade?

We've made blade changes easy. There are two clamps under the table that can be removed by hand to slip the table on and off quickly. Simply slide the table off to change the blade, and slide it back on and re-mount the clamps to get back to work.

How thick is the table top?

The table top is 1-1/8 inch thick.

How does the re-saw attachment work?

The re-saw attachment is affixed to the T-Slot in the fence. It helps to keep the ends of the board away from the standard fence. This allows you to guide the board side to side to compensate for the blade drift.

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5-Star Knobs and 2'' T-Knobs Hanger Bolts Barbed Threaded Inserts Washer Head Face Frame Screws Rockler Drill Press Table and Fence


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