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Update Your Kitchen with Confidence
Update Your Kitchen with Confidence
Read our kitchen remodeling guide and order everything you need online to customize your kitchen!


Kitchen Updating Pays Off

Updating a kitchen can return a staggering 75 to 130 percent of your invested capital. That’s a great motive for working on your own kitchen, and you can save a bundle by doing it yourself. Half of all kitchen updates nationwide, in fact, are do-it-yourself jobs. It can be as simple as adding new hardware or up-to-date organizational products. So, the chore isn’t out of reach for woodworkers and handy- men and women with basic carpentry or woodworking skills. Hiring a professional can be expensive. A do-it-yourself job can cut costs by 50 percent or more! So, aside from your family’s ability to enjoy a newly refurbished kitchen and pleasing the cook in the family (a nice way to stay well fed and healthy!), a do-it-yourself kitchen update can save a lot of hard earned cash.

Navigational Overview of These Articles

Update or Replace Your Cabinets   
     Replacing Your Cabinets
          Making New Cabinets
          Buying New Cabinets
     Updating Your Cabinets
      Knobs and Pulls

This series of articles is meant as a decision-guide that will help you determine the best method to update your kitchen cabinets, then give you useful information on how to do it.  You can navigate starting at the first article, making the appropriate choices as you go, or you can jump right to the article you want using the links above.

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Should I Update My Cabinets or Replace Them?


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