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Holiday Yard Art plans from WOOD Plans®

Polar Bears Paper Woodworking Plan
Spread the gift-giving message of Christmas by making and displaying the 3'-high bear and 2"-high cub. The pieces can be cut in just an evening or two using a jigsaw and the full-sized patterns.
Graceful Reindeer Cutouts Paper Woodworking Plan
Add holiday spirit to your yard or home's interior this season with our graceful duo of reindeer. They measure 3x4' and can be cut out in an evening using our full-sized patterns. Once the deer are painted and assembled, stand them where guests can marvel at their beauty and simplicity. After the new year, disassemble and stack the parts flat for easy space-saving storage.
Dashing Deer Woodworking Plan
Simple to make, these holiday leapers are a snap to cut and paint. Each deer measures 52" long, and works perfectly hitched to Santa with Sleigh, plan number OFS-1093. Whether you build just one or a whole herd, you'll like how the project stores flat for easy space-saving storage at season's end.
Santa with Sleigh
Tis the time of giving with this 39" cut-and-paint lawn figure. Better still, you can build it in an evening with our full-sized pattern. Then, add to the fun by making the matching Dashing Deer, plan number OFS-1092. Leave it all white for stylistic simplicity, or detail it using your imagination.
Measures 40 x 42"
Super-Sized Snowflake Trio
Decorate your front yard this holiday season with this trio of notch-together snow crystals. The largest two, standing 42" and 24" respectively when assembled, look great just sitting in the yard. The smallest, measuring 10" across, works well hung from a tree limb or rain gutter. Better yet, build and hang a winter wonderland of small flakes for maximum effect.
42", 24", and 10" Tall
Heavenly Winds Angels
Grace your front lawn this holiday season with this stately pair of musical figures. Using our full-size patterns, you’ll find that the parts cut easily with a jigsaw and look great with a quick coat of paint.
The angel with the raised wings stands 52 1/2” tall.
Holiday Luminarias
welcome to your walkway with these charming luminarias. You'll find four cut-out designs for a variety of pleasing holiday patterns. Each luminary stands 8" tall and can be lit with a single votive candle.


Sleek & Stylish Reindeer Woodworking Plan
Dress up your yard this yuletide season with this classy combo. Standing 52" tall this set can be cut out and painted in just an evening or two using our full-sized patterns and detailed instructions. For just the right touch, we painted our pair metallic gold. After the holidays, remove the wedges from the body, disassemble the antlers, and stack the parts flat for easy space-saving storage.
52" Tall
Medium & Tabletop Stylish Reindeer
For sophisticated holiday decorating, try the downsized version of our popular gold-colored reindeer. Our medium-sized pair stand 29" tall and look great around the family tree. Or, try our 9"-tall tabletop version to add cheer to a festive holiday setting. Both are easy to build using our full-size patterns and detailed instructions.
High-Styled Saint Nick Woodworking Plan
Designed to fit our sleigh (WP-OFS-1069), this festive fellow sits 32" tall and paints easily as 1, 2, 3, using the simple paint lines on our full-sized patterns. You'll boast the jolly elf never looked so good!
Sleigh plan sold separately (#WP-OFS-1069 Click here to see the Sleigh For Saint Nick plan )
32" Tall
Sleigh For Saint Nick
Designed to match our stylish reindeer (WP-OFS-1068), this streamlined sleigh looks ready to deliver holiday cheer while parked in your front yard. Measuring 58" long and 31" tall, this sleigh features quick and easy construction thanks to our full-sized patterns and detailed instructions.
Saint Nick plan shown sold separately (#WP-OFS-1070 Click here to see the Saint Nick plan)
58" long x 31" tall
Sittin' Pretty Santa Paper Woodworking Plan
Designed to sit in our Stylish Sleigh (plan no. WP-OFS-1011), our jolly old elf will ad warmth and good cheer to this year's holiday festivities by his mere presence. Simply cut and paint the patterned pieces, fit them together, and let Santa bring on the joy as he has so many times before. Sleigh plan sold separately. 42"-tall.
Standing 35" tall and 56" long, this pleasing project works great in the front yard or next to the holiday tree. And when the holiday is over, the project comes apart for flat, efficient storage until next year.
Medium & Small Sleigh
Liven up the family room with our 33"-long medium-sized sleigh, or decorate a tabletop with the 11"-long version. The medium-sized sleigh looks great indoors or out, and the mini version makes wonderful but inexpensive Christmas gifts.
Medium & Tabletop Reindeer Woodworking Plan
Just right for the holiday tree, our mid-sized reindeer are a proven holiday favorite. Or, for a bit of festive delight, decorate a tabletop with the pint-sized models measure 28" tall and can be easily cut out in an evening using out full-sized patterns. Or, for a project that's ready to paint in less than 20 minutes, scrollsaw the 9"-high tiny pair to shape. After New Year's, disassemble and stack the parts flat for easy space-saving storage.
Mr. Snow
Just cut your snowman's pieces to shape, paint, and screw them together where shown on the full-sized patterns to create this 4'-high holiday decoration.

48" Tall
Mrs. Snow and Child
Build this winsome twosome and have them on display in your yard in less than a weekend. Mrs. Snow stands 45" high; her child, 30".

Mrs.: 45" Tall; Child: 30" Tall
Angelic Chorus
This trio looks great either gathered on the front lawn or inside the family room or living room. Cut and paint the angels in just a few evenings.

48" Tall
Displayed with or without our Nativity-scene figures and camels, these three kings are a beautiful Christmas decoration. 50" Tall.
This stylized set will make a stunning addition to your outdoor Christmas decorations. For a whole yardful of figures, display this trio with our our Nativity-scene figures and Wisemen.
48" Tall
Tabletop Christmas Figures
Celebrate the holiday season with this joyful set of tabletop holiday figures. We've provided all the full-sized patterns, assembly drawings, and painting instructions to keep your shop time at a minimum. Santa stands 9" high.
Tabletop Nativity Figures
Decorate a table or fireplace mantel this holiday season with just a few or all of these Nativity figures. Using our full-sized patterns, assembly drawings, and instructions, you can complete these easy-to-make and paint figures in a few evenings.
Click to enlargeHoliday Honkers
Gather a flock of compliments this yuletide season by crafting our handsome trio of geese. Using our full-size patterns, these fine-feathered friends can be displayed indoors or out. Flat bases make for sturdy stands, and fancy bows provide seasonal splashes of colors. 33"-tall.
Click to enlargeSleigh Riding Teddy
This whimsical yuletide scene includes a 18-3/4"-tall cheerful teddy bear and a quaint, gift-bearing sleigh. On this plan you'll find the sleigh and bear patterns, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for making each decoration.
Toy Soldier

This Christmas, begin your greetings at the front entry with one or a pair of these 4'-high merry sentries. Cut and paint the pieces in just a few evenings.


Candy Cane

Cast a friendly glow over the holiday season with this 78"-high lawn ornament light.

For ease of construction, we've listed a mail-order source for all the wiring supplies and hardware. Once completed, the cane easily mounts to a fence post.


Merry Yuletide Moose
Welcome friends and family with these good-natured visitors from the northland. During this Santa season, be the first in your neighborhood with our pair of forest favorites. Standing 4' tall, these long-legged yard figures are sure to look right at home in your front yard.
4-foot Christmas Tree
Inexpensive lighting makes this a unique and beautiful holiday decoration. Perfect for displaying in your front yard to bring cheer to the neighborhood or in your family room as a holiday accent.
65" H x 53 1/2" W



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