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Have You Seen These Landscaping Pictures?

This website has well over 4000 landscaping photos that you can use to get tons of great landscaping ideas for your next project.

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Holiday Yard Art plans from
Workshop Supply

Christmas/Winter - Classic Reindeer PatternChristmas/Winter - Classic Reindeer Pattern
Sherwood Creations
48" wide by 48" tall
This full size plan includes assembly drawings and detailed instruction!
Christmas/Winter - Gift Filled Sleigh PatternChristmas/Winter - Gift Filled Sleigh Pattern
Here's a project that will look great in your front yard. Simply cut out the sleigh and paint it. Easy to make and easy to paint!
Christmas/Winter - Door Decor PatternsChristmas/Winter - Door Decor Patterns
Three different Christmas projects to add the festive season to your doors. Easy to make and easy to paint!
Christmas/Winter - Santa's Gift PatternChristmas/Winter - Santa's Gift Pattern
This full size holiday yard art plan includes assembly drawings and detailed instruction!
Christmas/Winter - Table Top Nativity PatternChristmas/Winter - Table Top Nativity Pattern
This peaceful project will grace your table, mantle, window ledge...
Christmas/Winter - Dazzling Nativity PatternsChristmas/Winter - Dazzling Nativity Patterns
Three different sizes in one plan!
Christmas/Winter - Victorian Sleigh Plan

Christmas/Winter - Victorian Sleigh Plan

This beautiful, intricate sleigh measures 24" long by 12" high and 13" wide. Easy to make, this pattern includes a full size plan designed to be traced onto your choice of wood and simply cut out. Your choice of wood depends on what type of finish you want to use. Choose oak, maple, or cherry if you want to have a richly stained sleigh. If you plan to do some decorative painting, pine would be a good choice. Either way, this Victorian Sleigh will become a family heirloom.

Christmas/Winter - Sleigh with Step PlanSleigh with Step Plan
Measuring 24" long by 13" wide and 12" high this Georgian Sleigh will also be a great Christmas accessory, not to mention a wonderful Christmas gift for some lucky person. Filled with gold and red balls, what a beautiful centerpiece. Placed under the Christmas tree; full of gifts, or candy canes or velvet dressed dolls or a bundle of teddy bears. Luckily this sleigh’s seat is removable allowing larger treasures to be placed in the sleigh!
Christmas/Winter - Papa Snowman PatternPapa Snowman Pattern Christmas/Winter - Mama Snowman PatternMama Snowman Pattern
32" Tall
Christmas/Winter - Tobbogan Run PatternToboggan Run Pattern
These fellows, flying down your front yard, will be the talk of your neighborhood! 28" tall x 40" wide
Christmas/Winter - Winter Welcome PatternWinter Welcome Pattern
Give a winter welcome to all your guests with this easy to make, easy to paint welcome sign. Bonus - it's not specifically a Christmas decoration. It can stay up all winter! 16"h x 21" long
Christmas/Winter - Shoveler's Delight PatternShoveler's Delight Pattern
You'll put a smile on everyone's face when they read this clever fellow's sign! 30" tall x 38" wide
Christmas/Winter - Snowfight PatternSnowfight Pattern
A simply charming two-piece yard display to enjoy all season long. 24" tall x 22" wide
Christmas/Winter - Snow Smash PatternSnow Smash Pattern
Look out for the treeee! this fella's flying faux pas will be a "smash hit" on a tree in your seasonal yard display. 60" tall x 40" wide
Christmas/Winter - Snow Smash II PatternSnow Smash II Pattern
Our befuddled snowman's all decked out and read for a day on the slopes! Whoops! He found your wall instead! 48" tall x 60" wide
Christmas/Winter - Sled PatternSled Pattern
Hardwood construction.  Removable seat.  Traceable pieces.
Christmas/Winter - Table Top Sleigh PatternTable Top Sleigh Pattern
Only seven pieces. 27 in. long by 11 in. wide by 15 in. tall.



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